Sleeve Gastrectomy With Loop Bipartition

Sleeve Gastrectomy With Loop Bipartition Procedure

Sleeve Gastrectomy with Loop Bipartition (SG LB) is a novel bariatric/metabolic surgery. After performing a sleeve gastrectomy, a loop of the last part of the small intestine (ileum) is anastomosed to the stomach pouch creating a new alternate pathway for food.


The sleeve has two outlets.

  1. Most of the undigested food reaches terminal ileum through the anastomosis leading to increased hormonal stimulation which leads to more weight loss and resolution of type 2 diabetes.
  2. Since duodenal pathway is also intact, part of the food goes through proximal intestine leading to reduced malabsorption.

Main advantage is that endoscopic access to biliary tract is maintained. Since food passes through duodenum, anti incretin effect is intact, and as a result hypoglycemia risk is less.

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