Diabetes (Metabolic) Surgery

Diabetic Surgery/Ileal Interposition with BMI-adjusted Sleeve Gastrectomy

This Metabolic Surgery procedure was introduced by the Brazilian surgeon Aureo De Paula in 2003. It is used to treat diabetic patients through surgical means, irrespective of their weight.

Ileum is the 3rd & last part of the small intestine. Ileal interposition involves a transplant of a segment of the ileum, to the beginning of the small intestine (after the stomach), or to the beginning of the 2nd part of small intestine, in jejunal portion.
The upper (duodenum & jejunum) & lower parts of small intestine (ileum), secrete different hormones. The initial part secretes hormones that are insulin resistant [ghrelin, GIP and glucagon]. The final part of the ileum, on the other hand secretes hormones that are sensitive to insulin [GLP-1]. The main objective of this surgery is to increase the amount of insulin sensitive hormones and to reduce the amount of insulin resistant hormones. GLP-1, the substance secreted by the ileum, increases the insulin secretion. Therefore, the dependency of insulin injections can be significantly reduced through this surgery and in most patients can be completely stopped. Undigested food enters the ileum fast which accelerates the production of GLP-1. This further stimulates the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas.

In addition to this, a portion of the stomach is also removed. This reduces the amount of ghrelin (the hunger hormone), which leads to early satiety and also reduces intra-cellular insulin resistance. It also prevents gastric dilatation, avoiding vomiting and nausea. The surgery does not cause any malabsorption. It can be done in normal weight / low BMI individuals.

Why Surgery ?


  • Even with good medical treatment, diabetes goes on progressing.
  • Complications of Diabetes are major- kidneys, eyes, nerves , heart, brain.
  • Surgery can control diabetes and stop destruction of pancreas and other vital organs; it’s physiological; no chances of low sugars.
  • Controls High blood pressure, improves kidneys, cholesterol, reduces excess weight, reduces risk of cardiovascular problems, reduces early damage of nerves or retina of eyes.
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