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Anthill is a Speed Scaling Ecosystem that invests in, and scales, early stage companies in Media, Urban Tech and Health Tech. Our DNA lies in our ability to make targeted and timely interventions to scale startups and transport them to stronger growth trajectories.

Driven by a strong team across USA, Singapore, and India as well as Venture Partners and Mentors across the globe, Anthill has partnered with some of the most innovative Corporations and Governments in Asia to give startups valuable connections and resources needed to achieve rapid growth.

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Team : Ali Y Aladdin, Hossein Nejati

Kronikare primarily develops and sells a wound assessment device which uses AI and a thermal scanner to assess any wound. The COVID-19 crisis has created a unique opportunity for Kronikare- they are now able to use their existing technology and team to develop a thermal scanner to check for persons with elevated temperatures in crowded places. Another opportunity that has come their way is the reduction of traffic in hospitals and healthcare centres due to risk of COVID-19 infection.


Our areas of interest - Media, Health and Urban - are borne out of strong corporate partnerships in these areas

Anthill has strong interest in cancer detection and treatment, holistic wellness and adjacencies like wound management. Technologies include genomics, CrispR, thermal imaging, pulse recognition and others..
We have strong interest in technologies that are redefining media - innovative OTT models and newer modes of creating, sentiment analysis, disseminating and consuming content.
Anthill is working with new-age startups that are redefining consumer choices through state-of-the-art technology. We are also involved with exciting firms in IoT, Quantum Cryptography and other futuristic tech..


Our global ecosystem spans India, Israel, Singapore, USA and other geographies.

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